5#Puchii Talks- Aunt Wolfy is back!!

In conversation with my neighbour and lovely Aunt Wolfy. She is very old and fond of children. Everyday is a festival went Aunt Wolfy is in town. She is back in town from her farm after the winters. We are so happy to see her and she is very warm and welcoming. Puchii: Hello Aunty! … Continue reading 5#Puchii Talks- Aunt Wolfy is back!!


~~ Puchii’s Love Love Dreamland ~~

The world of joy, adventure and where dreams come to reality are basic necessities of my dreamland. The roads are covered with floating clouds, houses, stores are made up of candyfloss and chimneys emit flowers. Everywhere you can see is soothing greenary and pleasant smell of flowers. Wild animals are funny with standup comedy skills … Continue reading ~~ Puchii’s Love Love Dreamland ~~

Part 1 : Hungry Puchii, in search of Mumma!

Next Part of the story is in progress. Coming Soon! If you like the above comic expressions, please let us know in the comment section. Your feedback is much appreciated. Puchii love Likes , so please follow and like us! Till the next part, try checking out some cool panda stuffed toys on my website. … Continue reading Part 1 : Hungry Puchii, in search of Mumma!

My Annoying Panda Sister- ‘Petunia’

Well! Well! Well! Can you imagine how annoying a younger sister can be? Definitely she may be overloaded with cuteness but at the same time she annoys me like hell! My Petunia has just started to crawl 🙂 and she loves to crawl over me (-_-) . She can hardly speak but has learned to … Continue reading My Annoying Panda Sister- ‘Petunia’