4#Puchii Talks- Morning Prayer gone wrong with Mom!

Mom: Puchii! Fold your hands like this and pay gratitude to God for everything you are grateful in your life. Puchii: Okay Momma. I am grateful for my food and the food vendor from whom we buy food, my loving daddy and my friends. Mom: What about me? 😐 Puchii: Yes my momma also...as she … Continue reading 4#Puchii Talks- Morning Prayer gone wrong with Mom!


It’s Complicated? or Maybe Not!

Nature is complicated, don't get confused with the profound mother nature, it's a reference to the human nature. Our nature of mind, can analyse a situation whether it's right or wrong, black or white. To satisfy our overthinking minds, gray jugdements are conquering the decision making in today's era. Black and white colors have played … Continue reading It’s Complicated? or Maybe Not!

My Annoying Panda Sister- ‘Petunia’

Well! Well! Well! Can you imagine how annoying a younger sister can be? Definitely she may be overloaded with cuteness but at the same time she annoys me like hell! My Petunia has just started to crawl 🙂 and she loves to crawl over me (-_-) . She can hardly speak but has learned to … Continue reading My Annoying Panda Sister- ‘Petunia’