Mission Blanket!

Crawling slowly in the furry blanket as the cold winds were entering our room through the window. Wondering if there is any space inside momma's blanket as she has rolled it up like a snake would roll up on a tree bark.(Mission Paws)My blanket was fluffy and cosy but as usual heart deserves more. Searching … Continue reading Mission Blanket!


My Annoying Panda Sister- ‘Petunia’

Well! Well! Well! Can you imagine how annoying a younger sister can be? Definitely she may be overloaded with cuteness but at the same time she annoys me like hell! My Petunia has just started to crawl 🙂 and she loves to crawl over me (-_-) . She can hardly speak but has learned to … Continue reading My Annoying Panda Sister- ‘Petunia’