Shower Saturday!

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It’s Complicated? or Maybe Not!

Nature is complicated, don't get confused with the profound mother nature, it's a reference to the human nature. Our nature of mind, can analyse a situation whether it's right or wrong, black or white. To satisfy our overthinking minds, gray jugdements are conquering the decision making in today's era. Black and white colors have played … Continue reading It’s Complicated? or Maybe Not!

~~ Puchii’s Love Love Dreamland ~~

The world of joy, adventure and where dreams come to reality are basic necessities of my dreamland. The roads are covered with floating clouds, houses, stores are made up of candyfloss and chimneys emit flowers. Everywhere you can see is soothing greenary and pleasant smell of flowers. Wild animals are funny with standup comedy skills … Continue reading ~~ Puchii’s Love Love Dreamland ~~

And the Pilot Said ‘Fasten your seat belts we are going beyond the Clouds!’

Walking up the stairs of an aircraft for the first time, thrilled and fascinated with the thought of boarding the flying masterpiece. Woohoo! My little paws getting numb, one of the cabin crew members asked me 'You need any help small little cutiee'? Giving her a smile, I told her can you please take me … Continue reading And the Pilot Said ‘Fasten your seat belts we are going beyond the Clouds!’