The Flying Costume~~~~

(Bells ringing, classess over..) Trying to run as fast as I could towards my home to get ready for the Panda Prom Party. As usual, lift is not working again on the important day of my life. Life is tough and stairs have there own trail of stories to convey, huffing and puffing, small cute … Continue reading The Flying Costume~~~~


Part 1 : Hungry Puchii, in search of Mumma!

Next Part of the story is in progress. Coming Soon! If you like the above comic expressions, please let us know in the comment section. Your feedback is much appreciated. Puchii love Likes , so please follow and like us! Till the next part, try checking out some cool panda stuffed toys on my website. … Continue reading Part 1 : Hungry Puchii, in search of Mumma!