How a Panda met her Mother!! #14Feb2017

'Puchii' was the name given to me by my momma instantly when I met her for the first time. Looking at my dad ,I was like wasn't that too fast daddy? But I liked the name very much. My daddy brought me as a surprise for her and she was so happy to see me. … Continue reading How a Panda met her Mother!! #14Feb2017


My Annoying Panda Sister- ‘Petunia’

Well! Well! Well! Can you imagine how annoying a younger sister can be? Definitely she may be overloaded with cuteness but at the same time she annoys me like hell! My Petunia has just started to crawl 🙂 and she loves to crawl over me (-_-) . She can hardly speak but has learned to … Continue reading My Annoying Panda Sister- ‘Petunia’

The Puchii Show- Sneak Peek Intro

Did you just check out my cool nerd profile picture? How could you miss it! Just check it out, it's me Puchii! Nerd with no spectacles!! This is my first ever blog, so just thought of introducing myself to you all. I am a cute little panda, who loves to eat, have fun and sleep. … Continue reading The Puchii Show- Sneak Peek Intro