6#Puchii Talks- Pukki on the table!

Hi Puchiikins,

We have my mommy for today’s conversation. As everybody was busy and my momma needed some attention! I thought why not have a Puchii Talks session with her!!

Puchii: Hello Momma! Excuse me? Hello?

Pukki: Yes my little cute kid! Tell me! It’s so comfortable here!

Puchii: Why are you sitting on the table? *confused*

Pukki: Why not? The table was vacant, so I thought why not jump over it and then have fun conversation?

Puchii: *climbing the table* Ok! Umm it is really comfortable here and looks cool. Some cushions would be a great option.

Pukki: Yes, let me pick all of them. *arranging the cushions on the table*

Puchii: Please put me on the pink one!

Pukki: Oh yeah! Let me join you again! Here I come! *jumps over the table top*

After the above incident, coversation came to an end. As I had a crash landing on the sofa and momma had already broken the table top. She was lying in between the chairs somewhere.

Hustlers of Summer!! 😀

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