The Failed Escape!

One fine day, I was playing rolly rolly with my close friend Polu the polar bear in the garden. We were rolling down the lane and were having so much fun. Soon we heard some voices coming from outside the garden fence. We peeped out from a hole in the fence. There were little puppies sitting lonely and maybe they were hungry or missing their mommy.

Polu looked at me and said,”I think they are hungry”.

I nodded as I was hungry too and if puppies joined us for the lunch it would be great!

So me and polu made a plan and gave high five to each other. We rolled and rolled and reached the backyard door.

We can see momma was preparing lunch, we stepped inside the kitchen slowly. Aroma of the food was mouth watering. Me and polu hid ourselves behind the curtains.

As soon as momma left we ran, rolled and climbed the kitchen table. Polu grabbed the fish and fruits. I grabbed some cookies, rice bowl and started munching some of them sitting on the table.

Polu gave me a nerd look and whispered, “Puchii, we are stealing for the puppies not for us so grab and run fast”.

I jumped from the table and ran towards the backyard. I saw grumpy Polu running towards me and I knew he will fell as he doesnot have control over the art of running fast. He slipped and landed in the pool.


We both laughed, collected all the food and climbed the fence. We sat there to have a look at the puppies.

We saw mommy coming there and feeding them food. 😐

We scratched our head and bellies as she was looking here and there as if she was hidding from us. Me and Polu looked at each other and jumped from the fence. I landed over mommy’s back and polu landed on me.

Momma was in shock to see us, she gave a smile and we all enjoyed the food together.

I know our garden is messed up because of me and polu running horribly to avoid mommy’s anger.

After the lunch, we thought we will escape with the puppies but momma knew we would have messed the garden. She took me and Polu back and now we are cleaning the garden area.

😐 Happy Summer Guys!

©The Puchii Show 2018


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