4#Puchii Talks- Morning Prayer gone wrong with Mom!

Mom: Puchii! Fold your hands like this and pay gratitude to God for everything you are grateful in your life.

Puchii: Okay Momma. I am grateful for my food and the food vendor from whom we buy food, my loving daddy and my friends.

Mom: What about me? 😐

Puchii: Yes my momma also…as she loves punching on my face and my fluffy fur looks cute.

Mom: Naughty Panda! (Punchhhhhhh on Puchii’s cute belly)

Puchii: See dad! I told you momma punches on my face. Hehhe…momma you are gone now. 😛

Mom: Ummmm! 🙁 I did not do anything. I just touched him. 😐



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