Making Peace with Past and Creating Possibilities in Present!

Hola Puchiikins,

Today I have come up with a unusual but a very common topic of interest for many of us. Even Pandas do feel lonely, alone and suffer from mental illness. Here is something what my mom thinks!

Mental illness can be fear, anxiety, dealing with past, procrastination, loneliness, depression, overthinking etc. The whole negative world conspires in our brain because of overthinking and judgements we pass on ourselves.

Sit quietly and think, we all judge and say we shouldnot judge. We judge ourselves more in our basic day to day life in every situation and the same we pass it on others.

My issue is dealing with my past and that has lead to overthinking on every aspect of my life.

Best way to deal with the past or any situation/guilt/shame is to FEEL IT & HEAL IT!

How to feel it?

Just ask or write what is wrong and what went wrong?

For me it was that I never stood up for myself and spoke that I was right and not guilty of anything what others hear or gossip about me. It won’t make others believe in me but I would have never underestimated my abilities that I regretted for many years.

How to deal with it?

Just like our body heals a cut within a day or two, our mind is much more stronger to heal anything within minutes. We just need to trust our instincts and act on it.

Heal your past or mental pain with positivity. Instead of saying or thinking that because of this I can never overcome my past, do as below.

Below are the ways I want to do:

a) I want to learn how to interact and with correct people by just believing on my instincts.

b) I want to make a difference by speaking up for myself rather than running for support and help everytime from others.

c) I want to educate people the same who suffer from shame/guilt/fear about anything from their past for better future.

Like this you can make possibilities and a meaningful present for yourself and stop overthinking about your past.



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