3#Puchii Talks- Parrots Edition!

In conversation with Ripu and Mithu. After Ripu and Mithu, cute little parrots joined our family and friends, its their first day at play school. I am really excited to know from them how they spent the whole day?

Puchii: Buddies! How was your first day at school ?

Ripu: It was a nice day. I liked the white stone which was kept on the table. 😀

Puchii: Okay, was that a chalk? What’s so interesting about that?

Ripu: Yes, the chalk! I flew on the table, picked up one and tasted it. It was tasteless but was nice to have as a snack! Miss Kingfisher even caught me but she later joined me which was fun!

Puchii: Wow! I would also like to try it someday. Miss Kingfisher is very strict, it’s really nice to hear she likes!a to eat chalks! 😀 What about you Mithu?

Mithu: Ohh god! I was waiting for my turn so eagerly. It was so cool today, I flew all over the play school, sat on everybody’s head, ate so many tiffin’s and shared mine as well with Polu. I even fell down from stairs as they were so big for me to climb.

Ripu: Hehehe! I told him but he did not listen to me and fell down. I loved the candy class but I didn’t have any as I was busy smelling them.

Puchii: Looks like you guys had a awesome and cool day. From next class, we all along with Polu will go to play school together and have fun with the class.


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