New Day New Friends :D

Hustle and bustle going on in every corner of the class. Let me share some of the glimpses what’s happening in my play school today.

Pink the piggy and Brownie the crocky are busy in throwing airplanes from the tallest tables, a group of bats called Swingy are screaming, me and petunia are swinging like mougli on the curtains, Dugdug the elephant is jumping in the mud and much more fun happening in today’s P.E class.

Few moments later, daddy came to pick me and petu from school. We ran out of the premises as soon as the bell rang. Daddy was not alone today, he was accompanied by two beautiful green parrots on his shoulders.

Daddy carried me and petunia in his arms and we came back home. All along the way, I kept staring both the parrots. One was shy so we gave her the name Ripu and the other one was messy just like us so we gave him the name Mithu.

Momma gave us a bowl of water, me and petunia started licking it. Mithu stepped on my head and started poking with his beak. I was scared but he just wanted space to drink the water because we both little pandas are so fluffy to give them space. 😀

So I stepped aside and mithu joined us and drank the water drop by drop. Ripu was staring at us, mithu even called her in his language but she was very shy to look at us.

So after having our share of water, we stepped back and ran towards the dining table to hide. When Ripu saw noone is seeing her, she flew over the vessel and started drinking the water.

Me, Petu and Mithu smiled and gave a high five to each other in joy. Hearing the sound, Ripu got scared and fell into the vessel. 😀 hehehe

It was really fun to meet my new family members aka new friends. 😀

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