Thank God! It was just a Dream!!!!

Killy is a little kitten, petunia’s best friend and my neighbor as well. Everyday, when I wake up from the bed in the afternoon (Don’t get me wrong here, I am a baby panda and I deserve naps till afternoons 😀 ), I see killy hanging on the tree, sneaking through my window and meowing as much as she can.

After analysing the situation for some days, I realised there is a cuckoo bird who sits on the roof top of my house and sings all the time and Killy thinks that she meows as ‘purr’fect as the cuckoo’s melodious voice.

They both came to me that afternoon to get an opinion who sings better? Petunia my little panda sister joined us in the competition, believing the fact that she will be the audience who will be tolerating like me but she went ahead to participate with Killy and Cuckoo. 😐

Competition started, killy started meowing, cuckoo started singing and petunia started squeaking on the microphone to prove that they are the best in their vocals. It looks cute right? But it wasn’t rather than a sweet song concert it heard like a screaming ceremony inside my ears.

I tried to stop them but they were not hearing me and I started screaming as much as I can to stop this nonsense.

I fell down on the floor, opened my eyes and then realised it was just a dream!!!!!!!

I ran towards the window to see if Killy was there or not. Well, she was trying to catch her own tail, Petunia was balancing herself on the tree and cuckoo was poking on my window. 😀 😛

That’s was way more peaceful to watch them otherwise!

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