2# Puchii Talks- Annoyed Momma

Puchii: In conversation with Koffee with Karan..

Momma: No Puchii, its you and mommy!!!

Puchii: Ohh! Hehehe 😀

Momma: Puchii, I totally get annoyed after realising the fact that I have to go to office!

Puchii: You can take me to your office! We will have fun…I will bite everyone.

Momma: No, that’s special to me you cannot bite anyone!

Puchii: I will bite everyone!

Momma: No! How will I feel special then?

Puchii: Because I will not bite you, that’s how you will feel special.

Momma: Noooooooo! Grrrrrrrrrr…

Puchii: Hehehehehehe 😀


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