Bear Quotes#5

Kisi rah pe chale toh they,
Manzil dikhi nai,
Sar jhukaya, badhte chale, sunte chale,
Manzil dikhi nai,
Ab kuch bacha nai aisa laga,
Manzil dikhi nai,
Phir be badhte chale,
Manzil samne khadi thi,
Ruke nai use pehli baar dekh ke,
Ab zindagi rukti nai kisi manzil ki talash me!

English Version:

Was walking towards my goals,
Destination was still not visible,
Heads down, started walking again, hearing everyone,
Destination was still not visible,
It felt like nothing is left now,
Destination was still not visible,
No stopping, I was still moving,
Destination was standing in front of me today,
I didnot stop, seeing it for the first time,
Now I never stop seeing new destinations everyday!

© The Puchii Show 2018


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