Ears are Missing!

It was a cold Sunday afternoon, I was getting bored and my little panda was enjoying his dreams. Watching my furry ball of cuteness enjoying his sleep, my notorious mind winked at me. I turned towards the mirror on my right and gave a kinky smile puffing my face.

It’s time for some mischief! Searching for near about 5 mins I found a ‘BLACK CELLOTAPE’. He he he he…

In the evening when my little Puchii woke up, I gave him a hug and showed him the mirror. His sleepy eyes turned bigger and he asked me with a sad face, ” Mom where are my ears?”.

“They vanished baby, they will never come back once they are gone”, I replied.

“My bunny ears looked so cute on me. Mommy please bring it back I will never do any mischief”,said the sad Puchii.

“Ok just close your eyes and take a deep breath”, I replied to Puchii.

As soon as he closed his eyes I removed the cellotape and Puchii asked me,” Momma!?! You sealed my ears with a cellotape?”.

©The Puchii Show 2018
©The Puchii Show 2018

~Puchii’s Reaction after cellotape removal!!

I told him yes and ran away to escape Puchii’s angry bite. We played for the whole evening. However, I was successful engaging myself playing with him and not letting my furry panda go out and play. 😀

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