It’s Complicated? or Maybe Not!

Nature is complicated, don’t get confused with the profound mother nature, it’s a reference to the human nature.

Our nature of mind, can analyse a situation whether it’s right or wrong, black or white. To satisfy our overthinking minds, gray jugdements are conquering the decision making in today’s era.

Black and white colors have played there part dominantly as a measure from centuries to define beauty and slavery. Humans have lost it’s beautiful essence of love and pushed themselves into a wrath of dividing people based on color, caste, gender. People are still catagorised today as whites and blacks. Nature is the greatest teacher from which we have stopped learning because of the time we spent destroying it as well.

When you see the sunlight it’s a mixture of so many colors giving every color a proper space in the white light. The light has speed, charm, glory and the power to enlighten every living and non-living creature in the world. When human mind is depressed or stressed it wants to explore the nature, see it’s beauty. Our eyes starves for the greens of the trees, browns of the animals, blues of the sky, yellows of the sunlight, oranges of the fruits, whites of the clouds, blacks of the nights full of stars and reds of the dusky sun. Our vision wants to catch the movement of a fish in the rivers, our ears wants to hear the innocent voices of the birds, the roaring of the sea, thundering of the clouds and whoos of the wind.

So peaceful! Isn’t it?

Our mind can see, can love, can cherish this magnifient colors of nature when it’s deprived of happiness. When there is no scarcity in it’s pool of happiness, it gets confined to black and white again.

Human mind can give this world; from world I mean to say the nature, wildlife species and humanity itself, the most primitive and sustainable approach against racism, casteism, for the sake of equality and climate change. But I see it seems complicated with the black and white way of thinking.

Let’s try to see the world with the eyes of mother nature which defines everyone equally or just respect everything as it is! You never know when this complications might end someday as well.

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