Sleepy Saturday!

Sun is glaring high on the saturday sky. Puchii is still feeling sleepy, as if his heavy pale eyelids doesn’t want to get kissed by the sunlight coming from the window. He crawls back inside the blanket, trying hard to sleep.

Then he heard a grumbling sound coming from his stomach. He opened his eyes and patted his belly to stop grumbling with disgust.

Puchii loves his full stomach more than anything in this world. He woke up half eyed open and went to the fridge to grab an orange. Yum! Orange seemed tasty to him. After having two of them he started staring at his bed as if the blanket was trying to possess him.

As soon as Puchii stepped inside the blanket door bell ringed.


Puchii stepped slowly towards the door to open it. It was mom and dad who are back home from there morning walk. Daddy hugged his little gloomy Puchii. He lifted him and within few minutes small little cuddly baby panda crawled in his deep sleep.

The furry ball of joy enjoyed the sleepy saturday cuddling in his daddy’s arms. 😀

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