1# Puchii Talks- Polu’s Edition

(Conversation between Puchii and his Polar bear friend Polu at their play school)

Polu: Puchii, I wanted to share one thing with you that’s in my mind from a very long time!

Puchii: Same here Polu! But I wanted to share two things with you.

Polu: Yeah, please tell me!

(Puchii coming close to Polu’s ears)

Puchii: One and Two!

(Polu in confusion)

Polu: What????????? You naughty Puchii!

They both giggled and Polu said Puchii, don’t you want to hear what I was thinking.

Puchii (still giggling): Yes please!

Polu: One!

Puchii and Polu both bursted into laughter after revising the concepts taught in today’s maths class.


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