Glass with a Green light!

Everyday, I see you through the glass with a green light,

I wait for your fingers to say something about me,

I admire you, adore you with a smile which I knew you won’t will be able to cherish,

So I use yellow cute looking cartoons to express,

In the back of my mind, I feel they express more than I really do,

Everday I wish to hear you through the glass with a green light,

I wait for you lips to question my mind, how am I?,

I get emotional, hide my tears which I knew you won’t be able to see,

So I use my fake laughter to dilute the question in a paradox,

Everyday, this glass with a green light gives me a hope that you are near to me,

Every hour I wait for the green light to blink as if my eyes just want to see you,

Every minute my heart pounds as the miniature of words reaches my glass and the green light blinks,

Every second I get irritated, as every passing second my glass didnot show up with the green light,

Everyday I expect something from the glass with the green light.

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