A Cow with Wings!

One beautiful evening I was standing in the balcony to enjoy the setting sun. The blue sky was scattered in the beautiful shades of red and yellow.

The nature’s view was undoubtedly enticing, it mesmerised my senses totally with its alluring beauty. There was some noise coming from nowhere, which was bothering me from the time I came to the balcony. As I was on the third floor of the building everything was clearly visible. I looked down and saw a cow grazing the grass and plant leaves.

For a few seconds I ignored it, as it looked normal to me. But suddenly I noticed, it had wings. “What??? Is it real?”, I said to myself. I ran inside my room in search of animal kingdom encyclopedia. Yesterday momma was teaching me that a cow is a domestic ANIMAL. Turning the pages in search of the “Cow with Wings”. I found no such creature exists similar to that.

I ran towards the balcony, the cow was flapping its wings as if it’s about to take off in the sky. There were a flock of cows who were grazing the grass as well. I stayed there and tried to analyze what was happening, the truth was becoming more visible now.

The dumps of food waste was accompanied with plastic spoons, mosquito repellents, shampoo packets, diapers and it looked like a human waste dump area. Tears rolled down from my eyes as I saw the cow with the wings flapping its wings and waving goodbye to everyone. Other cows were having small wings, but as they ate the plastics it made there wings grow. They wings that depicts freedom were turning out be the wings of their own end. Maybe I was able to see the reality of the flapping illusions!

Feeling very bad about the situation, I went up to my mom and asked her “This is what animals deserve? Why humans are not accountable to clean their own waste?”.

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