It’s every other day, when I see my momma standing near the mirror and consoling herself, “It’s fine, it’s too small though and not visible as well”. Yes, we are talking about the pimple on her face. 😀

I gave her a name Pimpleiya seeing her mood swings. She would just decide not to see the mirror to avoid stress or would just panic with anger seeing the everyday traits of the pimple.

She will ask me after every 10 minutes,” It’s looking better right? Feels like it’s healing fastly”.

Before I give my answer that the pimple has grown more red momma, she would console herself and goes back to the mirror with a hope that it would have vanished.

Me and daddy trying to control our laughter we would sit quietly. She comes back with anger and starts doing her work. I crawl up to her cheeks and kiss her so that she calms down. She sadly asks me,”I am not looking good?”.

She is fighting with acne thrice every month and it makes her feel low at workplace. Me and daddy convinced her by saying even your pimple compliments you, you look more beautiful when you are messed up.

Most of the time she doesnot care and concentrate on her work. But some of the days she doesnot feel good about it. We try to make her laugh and smile by calling her “Pimpleiya is back”.

One day she asked me,”Puchii, if I had fur like you then that would be very great right? I would look cute like you and will never ever have pimples”. I would just say her then whom we will call Pimpleiya and how we will come across the fact that you are the most beautiful person we have in our life. 😀

She would just hug me and daddy to express her feelings. Daddy believes that it’s always good to appreciate people and make them believe that their imperfections complete them. Nothing is perfect and imperfection is not a disability.

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