Wollen Winters!

Cold winds passing by, tress covered with snowflakes, me and mommy were on the way to home from panda play school. We were about to reach home, all of a sudden my eyes caught the beautiful sight of brown-yellow dried leaves floating in the air.

Momma was holding me in her arms, before she would react I slided down and started pulling her shawl pointing towards the dried leaves.

After a while, we saw there was a big tree from which the dried leaves were dropping. The view was so beautiful that me and mommy stood there for a while to enjoy it. We clicked the moment, jumping all the way catching the leaves, bouncing on the pile of dried leaves and hearing the crackling sound while stepping one them.

Momma was feeling cold and she was looking like a moving wollen store as she had wrapped herself with shawls, mufler, wollen socks and what not. She made a mufler, a headcap and a pair of gloves for me. I was really enjoying its warmth and all of them were in my favourite red colour.

I started rolling on the snow and momma was horrified as I would hurt myself banging on some tree. She was running all the way behind me and was really looking funny giving angry looks. It was very cold that day, I hope mom also had soft fur like me…she would have enjoyed more.

She loves wollen clothes as well as winters, that’s why she made little gloves for me, I thought we have to wear those gloves as socks. I even tried wearing them, they looked very cute covering half of my paws. Hehhehehe 😀

Momma sat down near the tree, knitting wollen headcap for daddy I thought of doing some mischief. I grabbed her scarf and ran towards home frightening her but she caught me before I could jump on daddy who was waiting outside the home. We all enjoyed a lot having fun in the cold.

Winters are lovely, peaceful and fun. “That’s what I call it Wollen Winters”.

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