End is the new beginning!

I am so happy to share my feelings today on the last day of the year. Gaining weight was the best part as I always admired my giant pandas i.e. my momma and daddy they are so fluffy and naughty. I can see immense change in my appetite and a lot of soft fur on my body in the passing year.

I learned rolling down the bed and this skill helped me master rolling my bed in the morning. How?

As I woke up I will hold the side of the blanket and roll here and there sometimes I even fell down from the bed but at the end I learned how to roll the blankets. They still looked untidy after all the fun but everyone had enough space to sit and enjoy the bamboo on the bed. Hehe 😛

Learning was the biggest motivation this year. Dad calls me perfectionist when it comes to collecting dry clothes and folding them. I use my teeth to catch the swinging clothes, drag them to momma. So easy it sounds, if room is untidy then I call my friends to help and they mess it up instead of helping. Hahhaha…

We all have to run as momma will make us run anyway seeing the washed clothes dirty again.

I will keep all the good memories and forget all the bad ones which made me alone and emotional. Very important thing that I learned about my life is everything is lovable and everything is perishable. In this world, what gets conserved in the end is only Love.

It’s better to cultivate love with everything but not get attached to anything. It’s really difficult but time is the greatest healer and teacher.

Everything that ends in life always opens a path for new beginnings to climb. As a panda, I climbed the highest window in my room. 😛

Adios 2018, you were a very important year. Looking forward to 2019.

With love,

Puchii The Panda 😀


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