Killy the Kitten!

Today my little champ Puchii seems to be annoyed. I am a bit worried as he always hides somewhere when he is upset about something. Gotcha! There he is munching his chocolate bar under the dining table. His cuteness level touches the peak whenever he gets angry or upset, the fur on his face becomes more puffier than before. πŸ˜€

‘Puchii, won’t you give me a bite of the chocolate?’, I asked.

‘No! I heard you talking with someone about Killy the kitten that she will be staying with us?’, replied Puchii.

Yeah Puchii, she is very cute and petunia and killy are already friends. You are going to love their company.

Puchii responded, ‘I don’t want to be thrown like a flying plane in the dustbin momma’.

(I giggled Hahahaaa…)

Puchii nothing is going to happen like that my cutiee.

(Puchii started screaming and ran towards his dad)


‘I don’t want to be cat-zoned by Killy and Petunia. I am not okay with this!’ said Puchii to his Dad.

‘Same here Puchii, I don’t like cats at all! But she is just coming for a day, and our little panda (Petunia) is good friends with her I think we can manage it baby’, his dad responded.

‘What? I thought momma is adopting Killy and we will be siblings and I will have to share my chocolates and candies with her’, replied Puchii.

By the time both father and son were having conversation Killy has already entered the house and ate Puchii’s chocolate icecream and pastries which he never shares with anyone not even Petu.

Dad why is the fridge open?

When we turned around, we saw Killy hanging on one of the shelves of the fridge licking my vanilla pasteries!

Both Puchii and Puchii’s dad (Puchuu) were giggling at my face and slowly ran towards the bedroom seeing me getting pissed off on Killy’s invasion.

With this incident I realised the fact that sometimes we should listen to our children in order to avoid invasion by others in our own house! πŸ˜›

P.S: Killy could be anyone, hide everything in your closet and lock your fridge before the guests arrive. πŸ˜€

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