Mission Blanket!

Crawling slowly in the furry blanket as the cold winds were entering our room through the window. Wondering if there is any space inside momma’s blanket as she has rolled it up like a snake would roll up on a tree bark.

(Mission Paws)
My blanket was fluffy and cosy but as usual heart deserves more. Searching for the right space, paws peeped inside mommy’s blanket. Wow! Such a warmth inside! I waited for a while to check if momma was awake! I am turning into a perfectionist at everything.

(Mission Accomplished)

My Paws were inside, it was just my fluffy body that needs to enter. ‘Puchii you can do it’ , I said to myself. I started crawling in a zig zag motion after 4 minutes of struggle…I entered inside. Bravo! It feels so nice, closed my eyes, put my legs on her belly and slept.

(Ticking Climax)
As soon as I started snoring and was about to enter the deep unconscious sleep. ALARMMMMMMMMM RANG!!!!!! Then what you guys are expecting, my momma woke up and hugged me. Grabbed me in her arms and took me for a shower! I was like what the hell just happened!!! Sometimes we are too late to accomplish the Mission! Sweet Dreams Pandas!!!!! ©The Puchii Show 2018 ©The Puchii Show 2018
Me after hearing the ALARM!
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