~~ Puchii’s Love Love Dreamland ~~

The world of joy, adventure and where dreams come to reality are basic necessities of my dreamland.

The roads are covered with floating clouds, houses, stores are made up of candyfloss and chimneys emit flowers. Everywhere you can see is soothing greenary and pleasant smell of flowers.

Wild animals are funny with standup comedy skills and reptiles are contortionist. Humans are made up of love bubbles with a lollipop like head. Sun and Moon are the same as they are best at it.

Everybody has equal amount of money but are enriched with love, passion, humanity and care for other beings. Everyone greets each other, nobody is left alone or bullied; all are meant to be loved in this land.

Everybody has food and live in candyfloss houses. Trees and plants serve every living being and in return everyone feed them with water and huggs. This world has variety of cupcakes and ice creams.

People also get ill who tries to harm others but we all of us have so much of love that we always try to heal that person and make everyone feel good about there life.

Many living beings die but who ever dies turns into a plant just like ‘Groot’ in our Marvel movies. 😀 So noone is afraid of dying everybody is happy with the fact that they are the loving beasts who has taken the responsibility to make others feel best about themselves.

We travel on clouds to other places, we go to picnic every six months and there are fairs for everyone to enjoy. Schools are made of chalks where we learn about cosmos, creativity, good will, respect and loads of games.

We have a planet filled with a lots of good and kind hearted people so we always pray to nature for there well being.

Money is used for travelling to different cosmos and you can only access it when you reach the doors of cosmos world. Sounds fun to me !

My Dreamland 😀

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