Wings that are meant to fly,

Are lying on the ground,

Things that needs to be said,

Waiting to be understood in someone’s mind,

Cute little things, hmm hmm hmm

Cute little things..

Heard you alot along the way,

What you doing for me…?

Could you please let me know,

If I mean something to you?

Little little little… cute little things…

Crossing by, seeing through,

No expression, feeling low,

You don’t understand me,

(After a while)

Wrappers of chocolate,

Lying under the bed,

You didn’t share with me,

Take this wrappers feel the lit,

Cute little things..hmm cute little things..

Who’s he on ur phone?

You didn’t tell me though,

Its my brother… just go,

I was kidding…hold on hold on,

See his eyes checking you,

Asking him after he turns around..

(He says to her…)

Your moustache is growing brown

I think you need a salon in town..

Cute little things… 😀

Creative Commons Licence


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