A Star Is Born!

One night, Puchii thought of visiting his bedroom’s window and he saw the beautiful moon and stars shining so bright in the dark night! He was amazed with the beauty and was gazing it with delight!

© The Puchii Show 2018

Then he asked me “What are those Momma shining bright like diamonds up above the sky?” 😮 I smiled and replied “They are Stars!”

They have such a beautiful name as well, isn’t it? replied Puchii.

© The Puchii Show 2018
© The Puchii Show 2018

I replied “Yes Puchii, you know one interesting fact about stars that the darkest nights produce the brightest stars”.

Ohh is it? Why they don’t ever come down to meet us? Momma did you ever thought of having one of them at our home? replied Puchii!

Listening to his question, I thought he is fascinated with the beauty of stars and I replied” Hmmm, it would be fun but never thought of it! 😀

Watching the sky covered with moonlight and the beauty of stars, Puchii started feeling sleepy and laid down in my arms.

The next morning…….

Puchii woke up and saw a star in his neck and his small little steps started crawling in search of me!

Momma! Momma! Check this out, you brought the star for me? asked Puchii.

With joy I told him “You are our star, the star is already born!”

Hearing those words, Puchii started doing this, check the below image!


© The Puchii Show 2018
© The Puchii Show 2018

#Naughty Little Panda

Lessons Learned:-

Everyone is unique and best in there own kind. Let your little stars shine in there own way and make the world a better place for other to live and shine!


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