My Hate List!

Puchii always promotes happiness but lets see what he has to say on what are the the things or situations he hates the most!!

Hello Pandas,

Today’s topic of discussion is what I hate the most and it is related to my mumma!! 😐

– When my mom says ‘BYE’ to me when she is leaving for the office!!

– When my mumma does work from home.

– When my mumma is checking her phone all day long and talking less to me.

– When we are watching movie and she watches very silently without cheering and smiling.

– When momma says someone else cute !!

– When I have to go for a shower!

– When momma is sick, I don’t know why I bother to taste the syrups and drinks prescribed to her.

Last but not the least, when she cries when everybody is happy!! She even cries in happy moments 🙁

I hope she gets irritated after reading my blog, I love it when she is angry because it is really adorable to see how funny she looks at that point of time. 🙂

Please share your hate list which bothers you like hell!


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