The Flying Costume~~~~

(Bells ringing, classess over..)

Trying to run as fast as I could towards my home to get ready for the Panda Prom Party. As usual, lift is not working again on the important day of my life. Life is tough and stairs have there own trail of stories to convey, huffing and puffing, small cute little steps climbing the never ending stairs. Finally, invaded the toughest ten steps of my life to reach the doorsteps.

(Knock! Knock!! Mumma opens the door!)

Momma is standing on the door, holds me in her arms, huggs me and takes me inside the room. Momma you know lift is not working again 🙁 ! Momma anxiously asks ‘Ohh! That’s why you are so angry, seems my baby needs a kiss!’

(Kissssssss! 😀 )

Entering the room, i saw dad ironing my prom costume 😀 . Jumping from momma’s arm accompanied by safe landing on the bed I crawled towards daddy, after receiving loads of kisses and hugs, there comes the sound with most hated words for a child to bear “It’s Bathing Time” 😮

No options to escape, I have to take a shower! Jumping in the small tub of full of warm water bubbles, scrubing all the dust and cleaning my cute small ears momma gives me a towel wrap.

By the time dad is ready with my costume, inspired by THOR! Don’t worry I am not carrying hammer today 😉 . Daddy dresses me up and combs my fur and we are ready for the party!!

(Mom and dad accompanies me to the venue..)

I walkedin at the party with my mom and dad, holding their hands and my red costume was flying all the way long behind me, everyone was watching, giving flying kisses and hugging me all the way along the way.

I danced with my friend Paro, she was also looking very cute in the WASP costume. My flying costume made my day 🙂 🙂 My momma tailored it for me and my daddy costumised and ironed it so that I can always fly high. 😀

Lesson Learned-

For achieving the flying costume studed with success stories, we have climb the stairs of failure. In the whole journey, our parents are always there beside us to help us fly high with bright colors.

(Love and huggs from Puchii :D)

© The Puchii Show 2018
© The Puchii Show 2018

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  1. Whole story was narrated in such a way, that it became easy to imagine the whole scenario. So cute! Greetings to puchi…. 🐼

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