How a Panda met her Mother!! #14Feb2017

‘Puchii’ was the name given to me by my momma instantly when I met her for the first time.

Looking at my dad ,I was like wasn’t that too fast daddy? But I liked the name very much.

My daddy brought me as a surprise for her and she was so happy to see me.

I thought why is she smiling so much? 😐

She holded me so tightly that I can’t even move, I tried to hold my dad but she was not letting me go.

Even if she would have left me crawling on the bed I would have hardly crawled and reached daddy.

After a while I saw her spraying perfume on herself and the smell was soo good that I started tingling my nose she sprayed a little bit on me. I was choooooo happy. 😀

I bit her on the I had no teeth, she didnot feel how happy I was with the perfume’s smell.

My mom is mad like me – half crack and half smart. Here is one from our everyday mad stuff!

Mom- Puchii give me a kiss 😀

Me- Crawling for her cuddle as fast as I can!!

Mom- Kiss me on my cheeks!! I am waiting!

Me- Spread all the saliva on her face! 🙂

Mom- It’s ok! My cute little naughty puchii.

Me- (-_-) I am ok with what I did !

Mom – hahaha… 😀 (huggs me tightly)

Mad Panda Parenting Rocks!!

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