Too Sleepy to Wake Up!

Like any other morning, I woke up too early which is very much tough for a panda to do so.

(Yawning awwwwwwww (-_-) and opening my eyes a little bit.)

I looked at the wall clock it says 6:59 A.M. I woke up just 1 min before the alarm.

(Feeling happy about the proud moment and the thug life song in the back of my mind)

I rolled my blanket a little bit, alarm started ringing on my phonee. Yeah, Puchii has a cellphone!!

(Thug life nana na na na na)

Giving a nerd look to my phone kept nearby, I tried to pause the alarm but my cute little hand was to small to reach it so I turned towards my alarm and banged my head on it :p . Then comes the best thing that I love to do in the morning! Thinking about the panda moments that I love to do and makes me super happy!


I just laid down on the bed again, closed my eyes to dream about it…!

(After a while…)

I opened my eyes and wall clock says 12:00 P.M. Oooooommmgggg!

(Puchii feeling sad 🙁 )

Rolled back the blanket and goes back to sleep again.

(Thug Life Nananan nana na)

Moral of the storyPandas are not early birds as you saw in the case of Puchii! Never underestimate your sleeping talent! 😉

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