Puchii Talks #2 – Birthday Special

Puchii: In conversation with Koffee with Karan.. Momma: No Puchii, its you and mommy!!! Puchii: Ohh! Hehehe 😀 Momma: Puchii, I totally get annoyed after realising the fact that I have to go to office! Puchii: You can take me to your office! We will have fun...I will bite everyone. Momma: No, that's special to … Continue reading Puchii Talks #2 – Birthday Special

It’s Complicated? or Maybe Not!

Nature is complicated, don't get confused with the profound mother nature, it's a reference to the human nature. Our nature of mind, can analyse a situation whether it's right or wrong, black or white. To satisfy our overthinking minds, gray jugdements are conquering the decision making in today's era. Black and white colors have played … Continue reading It’s Complicated? or Maybe Not!